destroyer guilds and needs and both elements good and bad sides for whos new on destroyer

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hi everyone i doing this topic becuse i keep seeing alot of people dot know what to do about destroyer and whats best for both element, soo i im doing this makeing it abit easier for you soo i hope it helps you guys , you can add any qwestion if you want and ill reply as soon as i see it well now here it goes.


ill start with earth destro, earth good for everything pvp-pve-6v6 and moves fast  but:

1- ping: try your best to get 200ms and lower for best hit speed becuse earth that whats is all about really even with high gear if you your slow its the same as not well geared player lol.

2- (for now if theyll add better one later) vt badge for pve players becuse with out that you cant make eangh DMG needed for end game dungeon becuse youll need to do at lease over 150k least to getin good dungeons that give money and stuff vt badge alone can help you do that.

3- gear and normal badges: well for badges get badge helps your (mighty cleave) cd go faster becuse thats your dmg come from not really from rmb and gear gear up by this order to make it easy for you:

(erring if raven-baracelet- weapon-heart-soul if possible -ring if higher then raven and raven ring it self only for earth dmg and he dot give that much so hes way dwon the list -belt becuse destro already high defence class doesnt really matter).

what weapon to choose well best thing for earth go (sera - rift walk - the wepon after that i forgot the name XD) aransu or higher well needs more money dot care about what outher people sey.

4-in pvp or 6v6 its cool but speed is the key for better play and sure lmb -rmb is the usull compo but try to learn how to just spam rmb alone when its possible ones you get good at destroyer there many ways to do it.


now shadow:

shadow much simple much easier higher DMG per hit then earth and more ping carry even 300ms can play just fine but:

1- only badside of it is waste fouces and his moves are slower then earth.

2- for pve  badges are high priority then anything else youll need to get vt ofc but im talking about normal badges you need badges that you make you spam (f) faster and endlessy the compos more like (rmb - f  to the end or 2rmb-f to the end) more easy you can spam like this it better (compo num1 mostly) . 

3-gearing is like earth but make badges first then weapon then rest of the list.

4- what weapon for shadow just go (sera- raven - aransu) becuse shadow does not need speed it need more dmg per hit soo riftwalk not really good.

5- in pvp or 6v6 destroyer is fine but its more triky becuse if your not exp youll have fouces waste problems mostly in 6v6 in pvp its awesome to use with some class like warlock or summner but if youll use as pvp element you must be exp.


last thing is you should give try to simple combat mode (shift+f3) he make spam compos more easier i mean much easier and mabey it will be more fun to play destro.

well i hope covered everything and really REALLY!! sorry if you guys didnt get some of what i said you see im still learning eng and getting better everyday. if theres anything else you want to know just reply.





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