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Being sick of that systematic refused service purchasing...


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First of all there is no problem with my incomes and I didn't reached the monthly limit on my bank account.


I'm almost certain many people already encountered this error :

「Transaction refused as requested amount exceeds the amount authorized by the issuer bank. Please use a different credit card or contact your bank.」


This message in nearly all cases, has no issue whatsoever with the bank, the reason is that NC Soft security measures or policies are rendering the transactions a living hell, especially with bank cards. It is the only company which who I'm struggling that much to purchase a service! A business company that are ironically pretending to be protecting customers, what's the point if you cannot do any purchase at all?............


Since I don't want PayPal, ever, could there be any alternative to make purchases ? Especially for Premium which I've found kinda interesting.

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