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Wrong nerfs applyed on HM


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NS and DD are nerfed , if u can call it , seens like they they applyed some stuff from korea , but seeing  some streams from korea not even there they had this.
Naryu Sanctum is just  impossible without the debuff applyed from fury punchs from granite there's noway to survive the AoE after the statues line up so u need to burn that 134 million in few secs, I can't play with clan members because of this.
Drowing deeps is another nightmare , making us leave somebody to recruit class with familares or gunners to bug the knock back atak from him, there's way to come back fast to him and stun before the wipe sure but removing the bubbles but not take off the "pizza phase " the 90 degraus lure safe zone from the marked one is just lazy.

Please fix it cause it seens u guys are not even getting attention to each as Liinxy not even mention on it as a thing to get fix.

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