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New and returning players, come here!


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Hello dear Blade and Soul Community,

I've been thinking about this for a long time and now i actually started working at it.
In my opinion, one of the biggest burdens BnS holds for it's new players is the community.
Get into random groups for dungeons is a hard task and often very frustrating for beginners.


I want to provide a platform for new and returning players to easily connect to each other and getting involved into the community. For this purpose i created a Discord Server where are some veterans around to provide ingame help and answer questions.

I would love to see this server filling up with new players who are in need of help or just want to get to know other newbes to play with.


This is only for EU right now, since im playing only on EU..
But no matter if you are german, english or frensh speaking, we have channels for everyone and veterans from every region around.

Please share this link, whenever you see a lost newbe!




Kind Regards


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