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Twilight Temple - Boss 2 still has some minor issues


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First of, I want to say it is not a bug worth fixing if the "fix" is not tested because the boss is clear-able the way it is, but it remains very annoying at times.


This following clip, from one of my raid member (taken saturday the 30th of june), shows perfectly a bugs that would require attention:



1- The first one being obvious and shows the buff changing to "Human" and then to "Earth" after two jumps. Problem is , it swapped twice during the latest jump. 

Notice: even tho he didn't have the right buff on the platform, he still got the shield buff that allows him to walk on the other platform.


In my opinion, it seems HIGHLY related to the "Buff-band" that is on top  in the video. It seems like "jumping" while the nearest "Buff-band" changes applies you the new "Buff-band's" buff.


2- There is also a second bug which is not clearly depicted, but worth looking into. There is a lot of rubber banding happening while walking from one buff to another. It looks like its the video "lagging" while he jumps but it isn't. There are a lot of time where you would jump, have your buff swapped and it brings you back on the ground at your initial position from where you jumped with a different buff (probably due to bug #1).

I repeat that, the boss is clear-able as it is, therefore I would rather have these bugs than just having a "wanna-be" version of a fix.



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