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BnS has crashed twice in under 30 minutes.


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I'm not sure what's making this. Or is it even a crash. It hasn't given me a crash notification. Just a sudden close of BnS and I find myself staring my desktop wallpaper. It started when I went on PvP on my blade dancer. I'm collecting zen beans and trying to get better. 

The first "crash" (of today) happened in PvP match with a SF, second with a FM. 

I had one win against the FM and they, along with assassins, kung fu masters and probably soul fighters. Imagine being on win against a class you usually suck against. And then out of nowhere, you're staring your desktop wallpaper, BnS closed. 

It's annoying, isn't it. You wanna punch your screen, if you've played a lot and suddenly all goes down or then, because you were WINNING. 


I feel like every time I have a lag spike, I'm scared of BnS crashing down like this. Without a crash report, anything.

My internet here is a good 4G and my laptop should be fine despite that fact it's around 4-5 years old laptop that has adventured in my backpack and is without battery and a piece of plastic glued back to it's bottom side.


Why does this happen? Do I click something? Do I make a weird shortcut? What am I doing wrong?


edit: It happened AGAIN. I'm losing my nerves.

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