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Issue of Claiming Scarlet Bird Reward


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Hello all,


I have been having a problem receiving the reward from the Realm V Giveaway event. The day when I got the notification via email, I clicked the claim link and tried to log in but it did not allow me to (as shown in the first picture). I tried couple times but it kept telling me that there was an error. Though I tried just log into my account on BnS official website instead of logging in through the link, it still showed that something went wrong.

I then decided to use other computers to try it. I successfully logged in but sadly, there was code at all for the scarlet costume.... ;_;

As a friend suggested, I submitted this problem to the support. I received an email confirming that the request was successfully sent. Unfortunately, I realized that it showed there was no ticket submitted at all in my account (the last picture).

I am concerned that the GMs might not be able to notice this issue since the data seems messed up in my account...?  And, two friends of mine have this condition too. I am not sure if it is a bug that happens on more than just three of us.


Thank you so much if this could get fixed! I'd appreciate a lot because I have been craving for the outfit for a while. ;_;






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