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Soul Fighter Focus Chi Combo Training Timer Out of Synchronization


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I just hit lvl 45 and I've spent an hour of my time trying to pass the first Focus Chi combo to no avail.

Focus Chi - Z then Dragon Fury (RMB) Times 5 

I activate Focus Chi, then wait for the "second drum" timer, I click the RMB in perfect timing with each drum hit and it still won't accept my clicks.

I've been listening to Meshuggah for 25 years and I can play in any time signature on drums or other instruments. There's no way I should be failing for an hour with this combo timer. The attack impact or the combo of the Soul Fighter during Focus Chi (Dragon Fury) are total out of sync with the drum timer. Am I lagging too much? I have high speed internet 10GBPS.

I can't find any combo lists for the Soul Fighter anywhere online. Reddit almost had it right but the combo list was jumbled together and unorganized as if it were one combo.


This is a game breaker for me if completing training is necessary. I wish the devs would remove the timer and just let me click the button five times and be done with it. I'm disheartened by this. :HongWhat:

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