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Aransu Sword Stage 9 (BM) doing the same damage, or less as compared to stage 6


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After upgrading from stage 6 to stage 9 Aransu, I ran some dps tests, and it turns out stage 9 is doing the same damage as compared to stage 6.

Aransu Stage 9 is supposed to give 65% extra damage to dragontongue, and that is excluding the extra 28AP that the weapon gives. Now, by common sense, you would expect a clear DPS increase, but this was not the case. In both screenshots you can see that on stage 9 I even did one more extra dragontongue, but still the damage remains the same. I know that there is an RNG factor because of crits and accuracy, but if you actually take your time to compare both tests at stage 6 and stage 9 (which btw it has more attack power), you will notice that they are very similar, so this has me wondering where is the 65% extra dragontongue damage?. Maybe they messed up in their coding with the damage multipliers?

I submitted a ticket and they even reverted my weapon back to stage 6 and asked me to submit a video...smh, which I did but no response as always.

Has anybody done any DPS tests before upgrading? I understand that not that many have stage9 Aransu and on top of that not many run DPS tests before upgrading, and that is probably why they keep ignoring this issue. I remember I did the same test on Raven weapon back in the day and the difference on DPS from stage 6 to 9 was noticeable...

STAGE 6 SCREENSHOT DPS TEST: https://imgur.com/a/VxWAP

STAGE 9 SCREENSHOT DPS TEST: https://imgur.com/a/RZvAf

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