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Marketplace/Character Info Buggy


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I'm not sure if I'm the only one (I've seen a post about this like two years ago, which didn't help me too much), but every time I log into BnS and go into the marketplace there's always something new wrong where I cannot see any of the images that are supposed to be appearing. Sometimes I can see the marketplace perfectly and it works like a dream, but other times it shows up looking like this:



This only started happening after the patch on February 6th. I always assumed it would be fixed because there is also a bug where I cannot see other people's stats when I look at their character info. (Normally it's just the stats in def/ap as well as their profile image I can't see, however today it happens to be much worse.)




I repaired the files, reinstalled, changed characters, exited and re-entered the game, etc. etc. and no results.

Anyways, any fixes for this? I can provide more info if need be.


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