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Crafting times needs a change!


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This is probably too late but it is about the crafting duration, I don't have a problem with most of the times but the one i do have a problem with is the 1 day, reason for some one that crafts daily that has a schedule and time planned, there are days you can't exactly be on time (we are not robots) and if you mess it up the only way to fix it back to your original time is to halt your crafting  and start again crafting the following day, this is frustrating.  


So my suggestion is to make all 1 day crafting timers to 23 hours, this allows the person/player a +- 1 hour. For example my original time is 11 am but I am 20-30 min late which makes it 11:20 - 11:30, without having to halt my production i can fix the time the following day, since the production ends 10:20 -10:30 am the following day. This change can be done for everyone, non-premium players or you can add a Crafting time reduction of ?% (the % needs to be equal to the reduction of 1 hour of the 1 day craft timer = 23 hours) on all crafting times which is for premium players only since you guys are revamping it. Plus this will make us players less stressful about worrying about times. 


Another thing you can add for premium player is an extra crafting slot. Non-premium = 3 slots and premium = 4 slots. Of course there are rules and regulations you have to check with Korea if i had to guess, but I hope this is possible, well at least the crafting time reduction and that other crafting players will agree and stand with me on this.

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