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destroyer's hongmoon stone shield


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Hello, after learning hongmoon technique for stone shield - Move 2 (party protect) got seriously nerfed. Before it could heal 20% in 4 sec, after "upgrade" it became 20% in 8 sec - twice slower, and only if will be able to maintain unbroken shield for 8 sec what is a huge luxury in pvp and in hard dungeons. I honestly prefered move 2 much more before this "upgrade", when i could heal fast and continue fight, never needed shield for that long anyway. Can it be fixed to recover 20% in 4 sec as before? And the shield duration can last its 8 sec or go down to 4 again, whatever. If not, make it possible to cancel or switch between hongmoon/not-hongmoon skill version please, because it really was much better despite all other minor bonuses from upgrade.

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