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after Win 10 latest Update !!

Rose Rosairo

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Hello , after update win 10 latest one , 64bit doesnt work except for 32bit it does work , if there is anyway to fix it please help me out !!


after some change i did it work but still give me 30fps only , except 32bit but stuttering most of time , any fix ?

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So I got the 64 bit client working again...


But I did so many things I prob can't actually pinpoint what it was.


I already knew it was software related to something maybe a driver associated with software that was running.


I uninstalled all Microsoft Visual C++ redists. I also uninstalled any microsoft based apps that I do not use or never will use.

Ran BNS client 64 bit it crashed.

Restarted my PC then got an error pertaining to my logitech software which proceeded to not autostart.

Re-attempted 64 bit client and it worked but I got really bad framerate. Reset compatibilty mode to nothing so base win 10 instead of w/e I was attempting before hand also make sure run as admin is ticked in still.


So the issue is either in the Microsoft Visual c++ redists, the logitech software or some various microsoft App.


Proceeded to open BNS 64 bit and success I am running with normal framerate however I would still like to know why BNS only ever uses up to %50 of my video card and gets sometimes depressing framerate in some areas.


Is there something I can tweak to get it to extend more into my GPU's processing power?


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