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Arena Camera setting Help


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Hello, a Blade Master here.


I got a bit of problem in arena with my camera being stuck in a position as if I had pressed the middle button of my mouse.


This happens 2-3 times every 1 v 1 round (I don't do enough 3 v 3 or pay attention to it enough to notice and PVE does not matter).  This has resulted in me throwing the game lot of the time. I do not know how to fix this so any help is appreciated.


This problem often happens when i get knockdown and I press 1 to get  up, F roll or when I tab escape. If i do any of these three, around 30% of the time,  it will lock my camera in 1 direction until I press the middle mouse button and reset it like normal. Before you ask, No I did not press the middle button by accident and lock my camera in the first place.


This pretty much prevent me from quickly turning my character just by moving the mouse to face my opponent ( I actually have to press the middle mouse button to unlock). This means I cannot tech-chase or block any incoming attack because my character is facing the wrong way...(this is not chill stack from force master, it happens to any class that I face)


This problem has been going on for quite a long time now (5+ months I think).


Was this an update that change it and it is supposed to be this way or just me? I remember this was not the case when the game first came out.


If it help, I am using Razer black widow keyboard and Razer abyssus mouse.


Also for some reason in the area right before your match begins in 1v1, during the countdown, my ping is perfect (7 RMB per tab) but as soon as the game begins,,,I can barely do 4 rmb per tab...not sure why this is happening. My net is fine. PVE is fine...just Arena.


Share your exp and thoughts please.   


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