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Unable to log-in to 2 of my alts.


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I have a total of 8 characters on my account, and I noticed recently that I could not log into my assassin.  The screen gets stuck loading halfway through and freezes.  This was strange because I could log into any of my other characters just fine, and after repeated attempts I was met with the same result.

Now the problem abruptly happened on my gunslinger, and I am getting the same result (Loading screen gets stuck halfway through and freezes, still able to log into other characters).  I submitted a ticket for this issue, but I am curious if anybody else on the forums have encountered this issue before.

I have tried disabling my anti-virus software, re-installing, clearing "winsock" entries (as suggested on an old forum post).  I have had no success, and it seems my characters are stuck in loading purgatory.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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