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Hi there, i have decided to play this game again, after a year, so i am redownloading now and i am facing a problem. NC launcher downloaded the fist 10GB easily and super fast, the game is now at playable stage and currently in the process of downloading rest of the game in stage 2. But it is failing to download the rest of the game. NC launcher downloads for 10 minutes then it stops downloading completely and after 20-30 minute shows some error message, error code is different every time and i reported the error message every time it popped. I repair the game data and it starts downloading again for 10 minute and then it stops again. It has been like this for 3 days now. Anyone else suffering this problem? How do i fix it? By the way NC launcher is allowed in my firewall(of course it is allowed, how else did it download 1st 10 GB?). Any help will be appreciated.

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