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KFM Fighting Spirit Bug


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While it has been posted on Reddit there is no mention of it here on the forums.

  • The Bug: The bug that is occurring is when a KFM uses Fighting Spirit and a member of their party enters Soul Separation(or the KFM themself), or is already in it on any boss that requires you to, it stops resetting Comet Strike completely.
  • What Should Be Happening: During Fighting Spirit, Comet Strike should be getting reset every 1 second regardless of placement of party members.
  • First Occurrence: It started happening during the Dark Origins patch when Fighting Spirit became one buff.
  • Known Places It Happens: Skybreak Spire boss 2 and 4, Temple of Eluvium boss 2, Ebondrake Lair final boss.
  • Mechanic Causing It: Soul Separation seems to be the main issue causing it.


For more information here is a link to the Reddit post which also includes a video 


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