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Xigncode3 Error Fixed!


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For the longest time now I've had a issue with playing Blade & Soul. I had bought a new hard drive that I was going to dedicate to games. Downloaded Blade & Soul on that new hard drive, I'd start the game up, hit play now on the launcher and once Xigncode3 finished loading I'd get a buzzing noise then my computer would reset. Searching around on the internet, looking and trying everything I see yet none of it would work.Then I found out I was getting a WHEA-logger error when I used the Event Viewer in Windows 10. After searching what that error was, and what it meant, it's just a error of something being unstable with the computer causing it to shut off. If you're ok with going into your computer's BIOS then you have to do that then find the CPU voltage option, and increase the voltage. Mine was at like 1.2v or something so I increased it to 1.3v. After doing that, Blade & Soul starts perfectly fine and has been since. Hope this helps anyone who had the same problem as me!

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