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Ping issues


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im playing for SEA, but like im having trouble lately playing and tried a Force Master just for fun, My game's ingame latency setting is always turned on, im using a VPN as well which is stable 150ms which is not bad at all cuz if i dont use a VPN, i'll get like 350-500ms in game latency always.. so this VPN helps me alot, on my BM i'll always get 220-280ms and an avg of 250-260ms.. then i started playing and checking on FM and guess what.. my latency is at 100-200ms latency spiking sometimes to 230ms but avg of 150 most of the time.. i cant and dont know why this is happening and supports really did try their best to help me out but none of their troubleshooting helps.. can anyone help me out with this one ? thanks

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