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Have been on a 1-2yr Hiatus


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What's the best way to get back into BnS?
Motivationally speaking... considering when I log back in I'm going to have to instantly be forced to decide which costumes I keep and which I toss.
Assuming I even get a choice in that matter since I used to be a (what do you call it? premium member?) and now I am not and can not since I haven't any money...

At any rate.. I was debating on just starting a new character altogether.

I prefer melee classes as I started off with blademaster, dabbled with derpstroyer (unfun), KFM (pc lags too much for him to be fun to play), and then little blademaster (didn't get to play him a lot)
Never played any of the other classes.

Lookin for somethin that can clear pve/questing fast enough to get to where I need to be to hold interest
As well as have a future in PvP Arena.
I've lost all my links for this game in terms of information regarding classes, how to spec their talent trees based on who you're facing in arena, professions, quest lines, power quest routes, etc. etc. etc.

What do?
What do...?

Or do I NOT do...? :( 

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