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Hello everyone.
 My name is Petar and im playing your game exacly 1 year by this day.I want to say that this is the first MMORPG im ever playing and i can say that its actualy good.
 So the thing i want to share with you today is problems about Battleground.There are many many problems and i know you dont even trying to remove them,because if you were trying your game would be in top3 MMORPG play list.Instead its behind in top10 and every day many people leave the game forever.But thats another topic.
 Lets talk about a bit for the problems.
-Matchmaking: many people consider matchmaking as something used in PvP games that make the 2 teams balanced as much as posible.For example if you are trying to compete with someone usually he will have near your ranked points.``But in Blade&Soul there is good matchmaking!!! We let people compete at 100rank points difference`` Yes , you do , but maybe in China or Korea !!! In Europe every season of Battleground`s im in the top10 and usually thats around 1750-1850.So i have a question - How you make the MATCHMAKING when im 1700+ and i get silver players (less than 1600) in my team ? For example i have games that im 1760 and im qued up with 4 silver players in my team!!! I think thats enough for the matchmaking system and im sure there are many people expirienced the same thing over and over again.

-Points win/lose: So usually a player is expecting to get the same or at least near the points for both win/lose. So this is the second thing thats not working in Blade&Soul.I got -20/25 on lose and +1/13 on win(have a screenshot for +1 game). The pointing system is just horible and its one of the main reasons that im typing this topic right now.
-Bugs/stucks: In both battlegrounds there are many spots that players got random bugs or they are stuck for the entire game.If they get stucked the game counts it for afk and they get -30 at the end of the match.The bugs wont make you lose straight 30 points , but can help enemy players to survive your combo or whatever you are trying to do. Typical bug is when a sin is trying to web someone falling from airial , but the target is near tree or some rock on the ground. You lose the target for a second and you canot apply anything to your enemy. Same thing can hapen if you somehow web the opponent , then you cant dash or charge to him.
-Gear: Many people are saying that your game is pay to win. Thats 99% true since the gear is on 1st place when someone is searching for a dungeon party or a raid.And as we all know you can buy materials with NC coins after you switch them for gold in exchanger(1nc=3gold).But thats not all !!! There are today specials , because why not !!!??? I made some calculations and i saw that you need 60 ascendant stones for #8 for the new battleground soulshield.One of those stones is 1200 battle points/zen beans , so 60x1200=72000 points. If you are playing battleground average win BP are 700-1100 / in arena you get 400-450 if you are gold (both with membership bonus and clan bonus!!!). So we need around 70 wins in battleground or near 200 wins in arena to get a single soulshield piece for battleground.Of course there is other way - NC COINS. Today`s specials will give you an insane amount of ascendant stones + white beluga orbs + smelting orbs (beluga and smelting canot be purchased from arena).Take in mind that you wont recive a max attribute soulshield and you have 4 random attributes on it. So if you are extreamly lucky you need around 3 pieces to make the soulshield max (240 000 battle points).

Belive me there are many more things and im sure many of the players know about them , but the sad true is nobody cares. But when game doesnt care about players , players sooner or later leave the game.

Thank you for the time spend on reading this post.Im sorry about my bad english. I hope you all understand the point i want to share. Good luck hongmoon champions !!!

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