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Lack of PvP content


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is it me or has NCsoft just forgotten about PvP gear or just PvP content in general. it's nice that they added 6v6, but that's it? we get nothing else? no new weapon, acc added? but we get a new dungeon, with a new leg bracelet and BT for raven weapon and leg element acc's. the pvp gear has fallen so far behind its not even worth using in pvp anymore. the only good thing is the pvp ss but even then we are missing half of them. most people look at galaxy weapon and go "pff ravens better" no shit, its a breakthrough to a new weapon that has 6 stages above galaxy. galaxy is stuck at stage 12 when raven and the other 2 new weapons have 3-6 new stages.


all i want to know is if anyone else has noticed this. its good that we have all this new PvE content, but slow down with it or add more PvP content.

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