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Gear stuck


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I have a small problem. im an fm who cant go to BT. the days the usual BT runs occur are friday saturday and sunday, in which all all 3 days i work late. i will get the raven mat thanks to a clan that was selling it. But as it goes for the Raven accessories. no one sells them well atleast the fire ones, i know cause there are mass. and i cant attend the days the main Bt raids happen on my server. Rt now i am a 935 FM that hits around 53k max with out buffs. with maxed Baleful weapon with legedary ring and necklace stage 6 with legendary braclet stage 10 along with acrimor earring stage 10 and stage 7 soul. i also have xanos ss 3 pieces and 5 pieces of MSP SS My question is what would u do if u were in the same position as me and wanted to keep up on end game gear. Are there any recommendations i can do to keep up with the mass? RT now im on server group 2 old man choo

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