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Forcemaster Needs Frost furry back

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need I say anymore. Forcemaster is extreamly handicapped against most classes now. If im against a Blademaster, Bladedancer, Warlock, Assassins or good Destroyer I am helpless.... two escapes and I cant frost them to get my stuns out, no stuns means no aerial combo and I loose a TON of damage. Summoners, Forcemaster, soulfighters and KFM are manageable with good timing on HM block but again without the chill from frost furry frost build is dead. we deal shit tons of damage as forcemasters now but so do other classes. I checked top 80 in 2v2 and there was only TWO forcemasters.... TWO...... coincidence? even professional forcemaster players aren't playing forcemasters because they are handicapped against most other classes. I guarantee you, you take a good forcemaster and put him against a gold BM/BD/WL he will loose hands down.


forcemaster needs to be able to ice enemies to the ground to get behind to stun end of story. even before patch forcemasters were hard to play against other classes but it wasn't this difficult. mind you 3 nameless classes take almost no skill to learn and get gold with can you guess what ones? please fix forcemaster because honestly at this point I wish I hadn't spent the amount of money on this game that i have...... Not saying how much but its well over $1000.00 and I refuse to put another penny in as long as forcemasters are getting the shit end of the stick. 



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