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BnS Total Freeze after clicking Play Now


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So as the title says, I'm having really annoying issues starting the game up and it just doesn't seem to want to work for me.

It is a total freeze that occurs after clicking (Play Now) and then the miniature ncsoft window pops up followed by my mouse cursor's blue wheel indicating loading then crash.

I have to reboot my pc as It will not let me ctrl+alt+del or alt+tab.

I have sent in a ticket to support and have done everything they have asked of me and nothing seemed to work.

I am trying to reinstall the client again, this is my 3rd time and the internet speeds is pretty terrible and it pops up errors frequently making me restart.

If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it I have been trying to get the game working all yesterday, and hopefully I can take another shot at it today.

Things I have tried is File repair,

Launching in 64-bit,

Launching in 32-bit, (forcing it in 32-bit made my 2nd monitor go black and the mouse icon disappear but still crashed)

Running as admin, (i do it everytime)


Reinstalled, (doing it again right now, I'm installing it in all default places as to not mess with anything and see if that might help)

Turned off Windows Defender,

I uninstalled GameGuard and that didn't really do anything,

I have a Razer DA Chroma I uninstalled sdk razer and razer synapse,

I use an asus router if that has any effect i saw something about the brand somewhere, (asus rt-ac56r)

So, it has been pretty frustrating but I legit want to play this game and I'm not giving up for the moment..

ANY other tips you have I will try whatever also if needed I still have the program support advised me to use (Speccy and Hijackthis) I will see if I can put that somewhere.

Thanks everyone for the help, support was awesome it sucks that I just can't figure this out.

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