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Patcher bottoming out - Excessively frustrating.

Papa Juju

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Hi. I'm trying to install B/S on my spare computer for my fiance, but for some reason, when I get the patcher open, it gets stuck at 0%, downloading at 0 bytes. I let it sit for about an hour, and it spiked up to my usual 570, but then quickly hit rock bottom after a few minutes, still registering a glorious 0.00% patched. We've tried re-installing, using the patcher from my own desktop compressed in a .zip file, putting it on via flash drive, downloading the patcher from the website, moving files around, adjusting, etc etc, but it just constantly works. Computer specs are as follows.

Acer Aspire T

W10 home

AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 3.70 GHz

8.00GB RAM (7.18 still usable)

64-bit W10 Operating Sytem, x64-based processor.

It seems that many people have this issue, but when they do, a solution can't be found. I would like to figure this out. Please help fast!18190957_408197576233684_630499508_n.png


I don't wanna wait 76 hours, and that's a generous number. At its worst, it had me waiting over thirty thousand. I can't get a screencap, but I did get one of the generous 300 hour wait time and a beautiful lovely fifteen hundred hours. I'm engaged, dude. I don't wanna wait till we have a kid to play a game with my woman. 


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