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eSports Wall

eSports Wall Tournaments for the region EU

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Hey guys!


eSports Wall is back at hosting tournaments on our own system! It's our mission to create the eSports experience, regardless of your skill level. You can find an overview of all our events here: 


Tournament information:

  • Single elimination
  • Rounds: BO3 games
  • Finals: BO5 games
  • Min participants: 8
  • Max participants: 64
  • Free sign up!


Prizes per event:


  1. 2400x Hongmoon Coin 1x Special Hongmoon EXP Charm
  2. 1200x Hongmoon Coin 5x Excellent Experience Charm
  3. 1200x Hongmoon Coin 2x Excellent Experience Charm


We'll be adding more exclusive prizes soon if we add the leaderboards, you can win points for each tournament. The #1 spot will win the biggest prize, etc. 


If you want to reach us please join our partnered discord channel, or just shoot us a message on social media. We would love to see you play!

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