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Do you feel something wonky about Summoner's V skills?

Alysha Hawkeye

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For V skill variant, we have:


-Anklebiter: a knockdown skill with charging-skill disable if hit for PvP purpose.

-Surprise Gift: another knockdown skill with defense penetration for PvP purpose.

-Bomb Away!: a pure damaging skill.


What the Hongmoon versions offer:

-Anklebiter: make it x2 knockdown with x2 cooldown. Mainly for PvE, since you don't x2 knockdown in pvp. Maybe you can tech-chase with this, but I'm not sure.

-Surprise Gift: make it x2 knockdown with x2 cooldown. Mainly for PvE.

-Bomb Away!: just simply add more damage potential


Let put Bomb Away! aside, we have Anklebiter and Surprise Gift being both Knockdown skills which both can be used in PvP and PvE, with their HM version further enhancing them for PvE purpose, a.k.a x2 knockdown.


The thing, do we really need two HM skills that do the same purpose?


I think Anklebiter should stay for PvP purpose with its HM version instead of trying to get it into a x2 Knockdown, which overlaps the role of Surprise Gift. For example, make it has debuff on block/evade chance when hit. Or pierce parry (not affect spinners like Des and BD, cuz their spin is already weak to Knockdown). Or block/counter disable.


For Surprise Gift, it can just stay as it be.

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