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SynArt's BnS art archive ☆


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hihi there! thank you for dropping by my bns art archive~ thought it'd be a good idea to start archiving it somewhere at least :'D ! (and not on twitter where all i spam is granblue nowadays qq)


「sketch dumps」

more like headshot dumps


drew my lyn when she first got the golden deva costume! ayy >3<)b



doodled this for my senpai in BnS when he decided to go on infinite (?) hiatus www


in memory of my yun SM who's now in a better place instead of collecting dust in my account ;A; !





「finished pieces」


mark of the black rose

heavily referenced to the black rose motif in the game itself! wanted an excuse to draw my lyn at that time so.... this was the result :'D!



.... YES ITS ONLY ONE COMPLETED PIECE AAAAA I WAS TERRIBLY BUSY IN 2016 QAQ (actually when am i never busy / procrastinating lolol....)


but that aside i hope you like my art! hope to be able to draw more bns soon (plus with that loading screen contest!! i wanna join ayy >3<)

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