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Assassin Mentoring Included


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"Viet-Today at 6:50 PM

@everyone As you can see there are some class mentors ready to turn the PvP scene upside down, let me brief you all into our new project. I have this list of PvPers we acknowledge to be a mentor to train the community hardcore for our upcoming ''Clash of the Classes'' We are excluding your mentors from participating, cause they will be training you to win it for them. You will be representing your class and you will take the first place so you and your mentors will be rewarded for it. - Prizes will be announced soonTM, it's going to be :fire: . - Every class will have their own discussion txt channel where other classes can't see your confidential information - The winner of the tournament can decide the song for the montage - It will be both NA and EU, same for the mentors Your job is to train and kick other classes out of the tournament. For the mentors we are going to contact you and we might get a special guest as a mentor PogChamp !!!. If you think you are fit to be a mentor do not hestitate to contact us, we are going to interview if you are fit for the job. Spread this to your friends, your clan, your parents, your dog and whoever can participate. This is the chance to learn how to pvp proper, we will be communicating with the mentor so everyone can improve and enjoy PvP. Cheers! Edit: I forgot the date... it's 4th of February(edited)" - Legion Esports
Alright this was on Discord sorry if you have to Highlight in order to see what's being posted here's the link so you can check this out. Here https://discord.gg/785Nz & thanks!
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