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Marketplace & Char info.(F2) blocked

Shiro Oni

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I've already lost all kind of hopes, i've seen all the post's related to this issue but it just doesn't work out for me, i've tried to update windows, update IE, disable the windows fire wall and avast antivirus, giving permissions, opening ports. and i have several issues in general with NCSOFT: i.e,  i couldn't log in to the forums normally, i had to access it from avast web browser since it was the only way it let me do so .-. if i tried using chrome/IE/fire fox it just wouldn't let me click the ''Log in'' button or checkmark the ''remember me''. also added blade and soul/Ncsoft websites as secure on internet options and did the public DNS / but no change... wouldn't mind some extra ideas on how to possibly fix this, i never had this issue when open beta started :C thank you so much for reading! 

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