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Disconnect Error after Entering Pin


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After the patch game loads fine, but after I enter my pin I get this message.  Just a few hours ago before the patch I had no problem.


Disconnected From Server

SystemErr - (2000 : Character Login Failure)

NetworkErr - 132

WSALastErr - (10,054)


Any help would be appreciated.  Please no quick fix as the game was working perfectly before the patch.  This post is to make the developers aware and see if others are experiencing the 

same problem.


I am now able to connect but I also switched IP addresses.  Ill try the other one I was using and see if it still works.

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It says on the Twitter page that only EU servers are back up.  NA server maintenance is still ongoing. 


"Blade & Soul Ops ‏@BladeAndSoulOps 33m33 minutes ago

The EU Region for #BladeandSoul is now up! For NA players, the weekly maintenance will be extended. Apologies for the inconvenience."

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