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Ani-cancelable Iron Shoulder (F)


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I believe that with the skill patch implemented pre-Worlds EU/NA got the SF Soulburn changes, namely Awakened Right Punch/Cobalt Punch.

With this patch the other versions also had their Iron Shoulder modified so that it can be fully ani-cancelled, which greatly improved the flow of combat. This may not be such an issue for people playing the Earth build, but for Ice players (so most of dedicated, endgame soul-fighters, playing Stage 3 Tier 5 HM Right Punch) stopping to fully play out the Iron shoulder animation after 3-4 Right/Left Punches is detrimental, it feels very awkward. It breaks the momentum of the class combat a lot.

Is it intentional that we did not receive this quality of life improvement as well, or is it something that slipped through dev fingers?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFFxzfirIKw - a bit of ice dps-ing on my SF, you can clearly see extra RMBs going in and pretty much being wasted because I had already procced Iron Shoulder, as well as how awkward it is to stop.

https://youtu.be/ckr2OGqUMoM?t=9s - same skill patch changes on Taiwan I believe, featuring the improved Iron Shoulder.
https://youtu.be/XcDe_EqAQ_U?t=17s - additionally here, also on Taiwan, featuring a SF who also uses F inbetween Awakened RMB to further increase Inner Power stacks at a quicker rate, gameplay possible because of the ani-cancelled Iron Shoulder.

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