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Debug error


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Im constantly getting an error when playing Blade and Soul at random times. The client will freeze, it turns white, then a window pops up: "Blade and soul has stopped working" - or something like that, it seems to look for a solution then the window displays DEBUG or CLOSE PROGRAM. The most information I got out of this problem was something to do with GameGaurd, but I have found no solution. Blade And Soul is listen in my Antivirus, Kaspersky, as an ok Program to run. (I included the whole folder) Still didn't work. I also deleted GameGaurd and had it reinstall when I started BnS, didn't work either. Ive had this problem for 2 months now, before this error would only occur once in awhile and it worked fine after a restart of the program, but now it occurs every time I start the client in the first 5min. I have not installed a new program in the 2 month period, and I do not use any mods or game-buddies/modifiers. I run on Windows 10.

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