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[EU]Blade & Soul PvP Tournaments Every Friday


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Hi Everyone , 

I want to announce that every Friday is a Blade & Soul tournament it's open for everyone.

http://www.esportswall.com/tournaments.php?console=pc - Check here to see when the tournaments starts! + Rules!

You can use this discord to get updated when a tournament get started - https://discordapp.com/invite/esportswall

To join > Register > Go to tournament (Blade & Soul) > Register for tournament

How to check-in? Go to Team > Tournament > Check-In.

How to sumbit score? Team > Tournaments > match schedule > click match > accept, after accept you can submit score.

If this method isn't working you can always come to discord to tournament-support we can always help you out!

I hope to see you in the next tournament (Goodluck & Havefun)

Regards ,

Danny Lin

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New Prizes - 

1st: 2400 Hongmoon Coin 1 Million EXP White Horse Mask 2nd: 1200 Hongmoon Coin 500k EXP White Horse Mask 3rd: 1200 Hongmoon Coin 200k EXP White Horse Mask Giveaways for participants: 5x White Horse Mask

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