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[EU] Hongmoon Masters is looking for Talented Players!

eSports Wall

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Hey Blade and Soul players,


eSports Wall is back at Blade and Soul and happy to host tournaments again for the region EU! We've scheduled three events at the moment on Friday evenings 8 PM CEST. We will do our best to create the eSports experience for you. Every event will be live broadcasted on Twitch, commented by shoutcasters and videos on YouTube after the event. Sign up is free and you can win some awesome in game prizes!


All the information + sign up for the following events:


Hongmoon Masters #1

Hongmoon Masters #2

Hongmoon Masters #3


These events are a great practice tournament for the qualifiers in the weekend, if you want to jump in to PvP, eSports Wall is great way to start!


For questions about the event please join our Discord server. You are welcome to join us on Twitch, we will go live at the starting time of the event :) 


Good luck to all players <3



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