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SF, overnerfed for PvE?


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Before anyone starts taking this the wrong way, as an SF main at this moment, I am not saying SFs are trash for PvE content. Their party revive can save dungeon runs, their heal grants superior survivability, and they have fairly solid sustain and DPS when played with the right specs.




Ever since the Desolate Tomb patch, I have been incredibly let down by this new mechanic given to them. Golden Dragon. This 'buff' is in no way useful to the class in almost every scenario. It doesn't provide any passives like the Chi levels do (+5% movement speed per stack), stacks very slowly if you want to make use of the empowered Z, and generally runs out in every lategame mechanic-heavy boss fight, before you have time to even get the second stack off.
And to boot, our Offal HM skill, HM Heal, has been turned completely useless by the introduction of this mechanic. Now you need 3 stacks of a buff that takes ~2 minutes to stack up, just for a +20% heal? Come on. I'm not the only one who thinks this was the dumbest way to rebalance the class, am I? Wouldn't it be much better to give the skills a gradually increasing bonus depending on how many stacks you have, capped at 3?

Like we have our Z now, it gives +30% bonus critical damage on top of the initial +20% crit chance and crit dam for 10 seconds, IF you use it with 3 stacks of Golden Dragon only. Wouldn't it be better to give it +10% per Golden Dragon stack, up to 30% on all three stacks? And make the heal scale the same way? What am I missing in this design decision?

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