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[Suggestion] Dragon Fist and Windstorm


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Hello Blade and Soul Community,

I've been playing Soul Fighter since its launch here on the western side and I've noticed a lot of trouble combo'ing Dragon Fist or Windstorm duo my high latency. So, I've been running up some tests and realized that a player with a ping about 120ms can use those skills up to 10 times, but players with higher latency have a longer response from the server and depending on that player's ping it can only complete a single cycle (5 times) or even less, leading to a poor overall damage. I would like to suggest the following changes:

Instead of "available for use for 4 seconds": 

- Those skills would now be available for use for 10 seconds, but they can only be used up to 10 times;

- or, they can be used up to 10 times, but it would end if one is not used in less than 2 seconds (similar to Blade Master's Flash Step).

Doing so, the server will have more time to respond those with high latency and yet maintain the skill with almost the same mechanism.

It's being hard to me to use them more than 5 times lately and I hope NCsoft have some thoughts on this, though it doesn't seem a lot, those skills have a huge play on the Soul Fighter's damage, both on pve and pvp. Thanks!

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