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Black Red Official Uniform Design


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just wondering how to get the "Black Red Official Uniform Design".

Of course its available for NCoins in Hongmoon-Store, but there must be another way to get them.

How I came to this statement? In the Clan Warderobe, every "Only via HM-Store"-Outfit-Design is declared as "Special Item", but not this one... 

In another Thread (sorry, dont know either name of the Thread or where its from, long time ago) I read this Design is farmable in E. Fleet Supply Chain. Now I wanna know if this information is true. 


Thanks alot in advance, any Information would be awesome :)



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Normally if you inspect the details of the item, it will tell you where it is acquired from. Majority of the recipes in the HMstore usually are only obtained through the HMStore. However, this is something to look into. But as it stands, if it does not say it's acquired from anywhere else, than it is only obtainable through the HMstore only.

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