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Debugger Error

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I haven't been able to get this game to run since switching to a new computer that runs Windows 10. I keep getting the debugger error telling me to close it. I've tried the following


Disabling AVG

Using msconfig to disable all non-Microsoft and non-Nvidia

Running in Administrator Mode with and without Compatibility settings

Checking the hosts file in System32

Reinstalling the game

File Repairing the game


Note: If it matters, there is no Gameguard folder in Blade and Soul.



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Don't know if you have sorted this yet - but make sure you have completely uninstalled all parts of BNS, not just deleting the BNS folder, before downloading and re-installing the game from the BNS website. Might be that some part of it did not download correctly  the first time - am pretty sure you need GameGuard in there, for instance.

Don't think it has to do with Win10 - I run the game on that with no problem

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