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Noel Eldridge

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Hey guys, I just want pretty costumes in BnS but I can't spend that amount of money on fake outfits when I need real life ones.


So I'll work for them!


I have my actual commission info ***here***

A lot of my art can be found here or here



1 outfit for 1 waist-up, full color

1 outfit for 2 waist-up, sketch


I don't normally do backgrounds and the cost varies on intricacy if you really want one.

Otherwise, I'll also accept NC and maybe gold, that's negotiable.

I play on Jiwan (NA)


I haven't really drawn any BnS stuff but I'll upload some examples of my art and replace them with BnS commissions.



Waist-up, sketch


Full body, sketch


Waist-up, Full-color


Full-body, Full-color

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