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Fix your game its been out for over 3 years


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Seriously fix your game this is unacceptable.  How can you expect people to have fun while constantly battling bugs.  Here let me just name a couple THAT EFFECT ME EVERY SINGLE DAY AND STILL DON'T GET FIXED.


1. Draw stance bug.  Randomly losing draw stance and dropping combat/losing damage super fun.

2. Ground counter bug.  People standing up but still ground countering. REALLY FUN.

3. Combat bug. Being forced to use escape because youre stuck in combat. SUPER FUN. If it happens twice CONGRATS YOU JUST WASTED TIME.

4. Translation errors. There everywhere I'm not even going to bother listing them all.

5. FPS Bug.  Getting 10 fps when you normally get 120 in arena. VERY FUN.


seriously I enjoy the game but a person can only stand so much. Im sure other classes have their own bugs they experience too. Just fix the bugs or I don't think I can continue playing this game. At least MAKE AN EFFORT. Destiny had a bug for like 6 months but AT LEAST THEY ADMITTED IT AND FIXED IT EVENTUALLY.

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