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SSP Hotspot Problems (EU Windrest)


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So as the title says, since the begining of the lvl50 contents release, SSP is a highly overcrowding spots. It's the spot where all players have been farming to get [Soulstone] which was hard to get before the lvl50 release both in pvp or pve...


My point is, at the start, SSP had more than 5 channel, but now it has been reduced to 3 channel since the [Linked server groups] patch. there are more people in a "Group" which leads to more people to farm [Soulstone] BUT there are less channel and everyone knows that before the server linked groups, crimson's player have been dominating SSP, now there are even more Crimsons. This gives an even more advantage for crimson's players ... 


In summary, SSP is a highly overcrowding but there aren't many channel to give Ceruleans players a chance to progress in the game, this also leads in an economic problem on market (moonstone is super expensive => feed crimson's players who were farming non-stop SSP => unbalanced progress between Crimsons and ceruleans => ceruleans nearly never had a chance to farm SSP) 


My idea to fix this problem is to increase hotspots' channels, i found many places where it is useless to have Many channels but they aren't hotspots (ex: The Scorching Sands)

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