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Ssp disconnects – give us a 5 min window to get back into the game


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Not only is ssp an absolute nightmare in terms of getting moonstones and enough ss for weapon upgrades, the constant sudden disconnects are driving me to a point of giving up.


What happened to all your game experience from Aion and Wildstar, the design and the way this game is working more reminds me of a new company on the market not knowing how to design a proper working mmo with common known basic mecanics.


First I grind myself blue in the face just to get some measly 20 ss and maybe 2-3 moonstones, and when I finally get above 100 prestige then the game suddenly FREEZEs – and it crashes to desktop or I get a disconnect message!! I lost 135 prestige yesterday and 84 and 35 today just because of your stupid disconnects.

As if that isn't enough I can't get back into the same channel again if it's full. So first I missed out on an entire mining session, lost my prestige, my scroll and second I can't get back into any

active ssp channel.


NcSoft, why can't you make it viable -  if you can't sort the hamster servers to work properly -  that players who dc on ssp have a 5-min window to get back into the game and into the same channel they left before they loose all their prestige and is locked out of the channel????


How much longer do we have to be grieved by your flawed design in ssp (see all other threads about ssp) and how much more do we have to put up with in BnS?? How can such a poorly and flawed designed pvp area be the center of all upgrades in the entire game!!!???


Fix ssp disconnects and loosing prestige asap please


C'mon NcSoft – show us you're a professionel company and do something about it now!

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