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[TRADE] your art with an outfit [SOLD OUT, THANKS!]


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I'm calling out all artists! <3


so, hello, I'm ikure.

I'm currently not playing BnS NA again,

but I still have some NCoin left which is around 2.842 



I don't want to waste it. so if you artists, can give me some example of your art, maybe we can exchange it. ;D




so here is the rule to make it easier:

- only available for server Mushin / Soha / Poharan / Master Cho

- 1 full body art, with 1 outfit.

- preferably cute style (because my character is a lyn)

- if you interested, please post some of your art example. 

- I will be picky of course. so please don't be made if I don't choose you  ; - ; (because it depend on my interest of style). 

- I will send the outfit via gift <3

- I won't reply your post, because I will message privately to the person that I choose. (just to make it fair <3)

- I will post a reply if the coin already sold out ;D

- this is the baby that you will draw (he is a boy of course <3 )




as you can see there are some outfit that have price around 1.199 - 1.999 or more, 

so it will be like this:

- If I already choose one person, and that person want an outfit with price 1.199, I still have left 1.643.

- which mean I still can send 1 outfit to another person with the price under 1.643 ;) (count as 2 drawing in total)

- but if the first person want an outfit with price 1.999+, then it will be the end. It's sold out XD

- I also still asking in deviantart too, so if I accept someone from deviantart, I will let you know 

here's an example of my friend that already exchange her art with my coin ;)



I will keep opening this, until I post my own reply with info 'the coin already sold out' ;D

thank you!



- sold out!


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