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Cannot access Blade and Soul Support or submit a ticket.

Lizzy Boop

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I need to submit a ticket for support, but every time I try to do so I get an error saying "oops something went wrong on our end, please refresh after 30 seconds". I have not been able to access support for two weeks now. I keep refreshing, but the problem persists. Is there a forum section where I can get help without submitting a ticket in the meantime?




Edit: What I want to submit a ticket falls under the cheating/reporting a player topic. Also I scrolled down the bug reports forum and see the same issue, but that person's problem is resolved. Mine still continues.

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This thread was submitted last thursday. Today is Wednesday and I'm still not able to sign into support or submit a ticket.

Whats going on? I see another thread with the same issue. Is support down for a month now?



Edit: I read that I can contact support through email. Please close this thread or make a sticky informing players that they need to contact support through email if they encounter this error.

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