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Unable to kill with Ripple Punch and Whirlwind combo.


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Video of me trying.

First time posting in this area so bear with me.
Found out about this bug when testing new builds with my new 45
Happened first time in brightstone during story quest but didn't think much of it as i figured i just wasn't doing enough damage to kill
But happened on floor 3 first time when i went after adds first and boss jumped in and never died and I died
Tried again with just boss (adds jumped in but died quickly) and you have to use any other skill to finish them off.
Left out of tower and tried on world boss with same results. so it seems that any boss type enemy (single or double stun) can not be finished off with the skill
Also, all the way up the tower if any enemy comes into contact with walls of arena they will reset. 
They dont have to leave room or anything. just leave the squared tiles and touch a wall or grey large tiles surrounding arena room.

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I reset my client to see if it was on my side and it is not
Also on floor 4 when you sidestep or rear attack the Jianshi adds teleport with you with blink step EACH TIME!!!
No matter when you do skill or when you end up they are with you. hahahaha.
If you side step and appear behind Jianshi the minions are still with you swinging and you are not invincible during animation either as damage is still counted.

Video added.
Resist damage does not work on floor 4 of Mushins Tower. During either Step in elemental stance. :(

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