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Cerulean / Crimson Striker Captains


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Ok, so these guys need a fix REAL bad. Doing the quest "Quarry Worries" Is about useless. The Striker Captains don't drop their soulshields unless YOU'RE the one that "tags" it? What kind of crap is this!!!??? They should have their loot table just like the terors or the big hog captains, do enough damage, get credit, get your quest done. From what i've been told, it's also only 1 box, so if you're in a party only 1 person will get credit for this. Now imagin what normally happens, since the server link, there's up to like 50+ people out there doing these things. So in this instance, 1 person out of those 50 is going to get this quest done. Utter crap......fix it NCSoft....fix it

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