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July 2016 issues


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Starting around the 5th the following started happening.


Disconnect when...  windwalking, escaping dungeon, going to or leaving cross server or being in the middle of a battle.


Not once or twice a day or week, but  sometimes a dozen times in a 5 hour session.   One time the entire server shut down for 30 minutes to the best of my ability to tell.


Starting on the 14th, with the server merger, FPS has gone to crap.  typically SSP goes like this:

Go in, set yourself for the start, Konta appears, 10k linbots show up out of nowhere, FPS goes to 0, everyting freezes for 10 seconds, end of match, o prestige, no chest, no reward, no key.


A few minutes later, pig shows up, play game, get 20 to 45 prestige etc, continues this way till grassquatch then grind tooth then same thing happens....


The lin-bots were bad before, now we have triple numbers and SSP is unplayable, and i need to gather 120 moonstone to upgrade!  Where am I supposed to get them?  I know they are in boxes, but how to open if you cant get the key drops?


I find it is nice to actually see another player in cinderlands from time to time and sometimes they are actually doing the same quest, however, finding quartz is not easy due to the increase of farmers .


Additionally every time i log a character on, i am faced with an onslaught of high speed spam in chat that takes several minutes to block.


Then i change characters and have to do again.


Yea we now have more players, but you also trebled the spam and bots!!!


We report them but keep seeing the same ads over and over, suggest temp ban for 5 complaints from different users totally blocking spam and bots from game pending revue, base this on MAC address, not just IP, yo ucan fake an IP, or change a username, but have to buy new hardware to change a MAC.


I keep seeing the same spanmmers,  1 big one is OKUGAMes, if i can read it flying by at 20 messages per minute, how hard would it be to block any mention of their website in chat?


My suggestions are:


Fix whatever you did on the early July patch


Buy some freaking bandwidth.


If you cant get rid of the bots, find a way for players to do it for you!  like vote banning a bot!


Same for spammers.


I wonder if paying $30 for Black Sesert vs the money i spent for premium membership would mean i have to deal with all the crap?


Hell id pay cash to have frame rate and be free of bots and spam!






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Add on to that the dozens of friends request you get daily from bots and even if you block/report them they can still carry on spamming you with requests everyday, should be a simple fix of a Block is a block.. Once blocked you cannot contact that player again in anyway until he/she has removed your from the block list.

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