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Error My Network

agus putra

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hello im from indonesia and i am and my friend plays BNS about few mouth ago.
i have some error and DC from my first instalation , dc about few minutes playing some crash while playing or entering new area.
i has search the error and find our network with multiple modem make the game dc and crash.. when i switch to single modem , the game run smothly..
i am running network with mikrotik loadbancing system so far and no error with another game online from other publisher.. 
but why this game need single modem to run properly ??????????? can u mr teckhician fix this issue ??? 
when i playing wing windows XP operting system the game need some file to execute and in game to lag and frezze, but when i playing in Windows 7 operting system the game run smothly. it happen in same machine
hope this will be your concern and sorry my english .. :D

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